Dugan Kinetics Begins Final Performance Testing of Fuel-Saving Thrust Reverser for MD-80

Fuel Savings of 6-12% Recorded on Previous EP-80 Ejector/Thrust Reverser Flight Tests

Las Vegas, Nevada ( December 8, 2009) Dugan Kinetics, an aeronautical engineering firm focused on environmentally- friendly, fuel-saving aerospace technologies, is in the final stages of testing a new type of thrust reverser for the MD-80. The company has recorded fuel savings in the range of 6-12% on previous flight tests with an MD-83 aircraft. The EP-80 Ejector/TR improves efficiency without adding weight to the aircraft.

Baseline testing began today. Over the next week, the company will make a series of test flights from the Tucson International Airport in Tucson, AZ as part of the Dugan Kinetics VCQ Program (described below). Based on extensive dialogue with major domestic MD-80 operators, these flights are designed to simulate common airline operating profiles in order to demonstrate the new thrust reversers’ fuel saving capabilities. STC certification from the FAA is expected in early 2010.

“The bottom line for this modification is the potential to save $1 million per year per aircraft, with an immediate appreciation in the asset value of the aircraft,” said Dugan Kinetics Marketing Director Jack Dugan.

The Tucson tests constitute an essential part of the Dugan Kinetics VCQ Program, aimed at releasing final guaranteed fuel burn reduction figures before officially accepting orders from MD-80 operators. The VCQ program will accomplish three important objectives: it will verify fuel burn reductions when operating simulated airline operational profiles; it will certify accuracy through the participation of third-party performance engineers & analysts; and it will quantify the EP-80 modification value based on total operational benefits to MD-80 operators/owners. Savings extend beyond reduction in fuel costs. With additional thrust, engine power settings can be reduced, ultimately providing many operating/maintenance benefits — benefits that generate significant savings for MD- 80 operators. The modification will also bring the JT8D-219 engine to equal the -217C’s maintenance schedule, which amounts to doubling the TBO of the -219 engine. In addition, Dugan Kinetics has recorded reduced noise with the EP-80 modification. The company expects to meet Stage 4 requirements with further testing.

“Traditional thrust reversers are nothing more than extra weight while the aircraft is airborne.” noted Dugan. “The EP-80 modification adds a new useful purpose during flight and a major improvement in terms of economics and the environment.”

Testing at Tucson will be conducted in Dugan Kinetics’ modified MD-83. All flight test plans, aircraft/engine instrumentation, and simulator practice have been completed and are in compliance with the requirements of Dsignating Engineering Representative (DER) test pilots and performance engineers. “We’ve participated in several meetings and conversations with major domestic MD-80 operators; our upcoming VCQ Program testing reflects their suggestions and requests,” Dugan added.



Dugan Kinetics was formed in 2002 by John Dugan, the company’s managing director, to develop patent-protected, new-technology thrust reversers that provide the added benefits of thrust augmentation and noise reduction. The company is based in Las Vegas, NV.

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