The MD-80 Offers Great History and a Promising Future

Future of the MD-80 Aircraft

The Boeing MD-80 is a proven air-transport workhorse. Known for it's rugged design and durability, the "Mad-Dog" is an accomplished low-cost aircraft. With the Dugan Kinetics EP-80 Ejector/TR, the MD-80 can add additional value to the owner/operators aircraft fleet.




What the Experts Have to Say:

“The Boeing MD-80, a quiet, fuel-efficient twinjet, was certified by the Federal Aviation Administration in August 1980 and entered airline service in October 1980. Its Pratt & Whitney JT8D-200 engines, combined with its efficient aerodynamic design, allow the MD-80 to meet all current noise regulations while producing operating costs among the lowest in commercial aviation.” - Boeing

“They fly forever, (the MD-80’s)” - Roger King, an aviation analyst at the research firm CreditSights

“As big airlines sell off their older planes, there will be plenty of MD-80’s available to support the growth of Allegiant, which shoehorns 150 seats into a plane, and possibly other niche carriers” - Jeff Bailey, New York Times